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Not your "normal" accountant....

ER Consulting Limited was formed to improve your business and will complement your existing accountant. The general stereotype of an accountant is one who prepares your annual accounts and tax returns, these are the accountants we know and love. They are well versed in keeping your tax affairs in order, and meeting IRD, company act and financial reporting act requirements.

But what about your day to day business? Its these many small things that are done every day that make up your business. Are you doing them right? Could they be improved? Have you got systems in place to ensure these tasks are completed effectively and efficiently? Are you able to get the information you need from your accounting system? Is it being used to its full potential? Are you managing your business or just doing what needs to be done?

What ER Consulting does:

Efficiency Review: This results in a comprehensive report which details the current process in place and outlines recommendations for improvement in efficiency and alignment with best practice. The scope of the review is defined at the outset, so this can be as small or as large as you need it to be.

Effective Reporting: This is the development of a report based on existing information to provide accurate and detailed information when you need it.

Extra Resource: An extra pair of hands. Short term contract work is available, if you need someone to help out on temporary basis.

Emergency Room: Many people start a business because they are great at what they do, however, running a business is very different to doing a job. Sometimes just a bit of help to get back on the right track is all a small business requires.

ER Consulting works for you, to enable your goals to become reality. Its breathing LIFE back into your business.

About Us:

ER Consulting is about giving you one-on-one personal attention as we believe long lasting business relationships rely on trust and accessibility. As such, you will be talking directly to Joni McComb, Chartered Accountant and Director of ER Consulting Limited for all your accounting queries.

Joni has a broad background in accounting, audit and administration. She has worked in commercial environments, tertiary institutions and in traditional Chartered Accounting firms, along with time spent auditing for local government.

She enjoys helping the small business owner succeed in their business, and assisting the larger organization to improve their systems and flow of communication which in turn will improve efficiency within the organization.


Every business is unique, and our pricing structure reflects that. A free one hour consultation is undertaken prior to any engagement to discuss what you are wanting to achieve. A full quote is then provided outlining exactly what each component of the action plan will cost and the choice is then up to you which combination of options you wish to selected.

Talk to ER Consulting today to work out what is right for you.


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What our clients say...

We are so happy with Joni from ER Consulting, she not only does our monthly book work and accounts but has helped us work more efficiently in our business

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